Certified Course in IT Professional (Internship Program)


Today’s biggest challenge to get a job in IT & Software industry is to have proper knowledge & skills on latest technologies. We at Laqshya Mainly focus our training delivery on Open Source Technologies like, Linux , PHP, MySQL, Android & Java. These are the booming technologies in today's vibrant field of IT. Jobs market of these technologies is very vast, but one need to have proper knowledge, proper skills, proper practice and proper hands on training. At LAQSHYA we offer our students all these trainings on real live projects. We have specially designed "INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE PROGRAM" for fresher students where they have a triple benefit of Training Certification, Experience Letter & Placement Assistance.

After successful Completion of Certified Course in IT Professional, participants can apply to following Career :

  • 1. Software Developer

  • 2. Programmer

  • 3. Coder

  • 4. Cloud Based Services

  • 5. Software Engineer

Course Highlights

IT Professional is a course exclusively designed to meet the IT requirements of various organizations. The well balanced course significantly emphasizes on planning, designing and building of complex commercial application software and system software. The broad objectives of the course are:-To provide specialization in computer science with technical, professional and communications skills. To train future industry professionals. To prepare graduate students for a professional career in software industry and academia by providing an outstanding environment for teaching and research in the core and emerging areas.

Course Contents

Course Name – Certified Course in IT Professional
Eligibility – Any Graduate / Any Undergraduate
Duration – 3 Months (3 Days per Week / 2 Hrs. per Day)

Topics Covered

Course Contents


Module 1 - DotNET Enterprise Architecture : Introduction to the .NET platform | Common Language Run Time (CLR) | The Common Type Specification (CTS) | The Common Language Specifications (CLS) | Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) | C#.NET Language Basics | Data Types -Type Conversion | Boxing & Unboxing | Conditional Statements | Looping | Methods in C# | Properties | Arrays | Structures, Enumerations | Strings

Module 2 - Objects Oriented Programming : Oops Concepts | Encapsulation | Inheritance | Polymorphism | Class and Object | Constructors | Dynamic types | Optional parameters | Names & optional | arguments | Covariant generic type parameters | Destructors | Method | overloading | Method overriding | Early binding, Late Binding | Abstract Classes | Abstract Methods | Interfaces | Multiple Inheritance

Module 3 - Memory Management : Garbage Collector | Stack.and Heap | System. GC Class | System. Object Class

Module 4 - Exception Handling : System Defined & Custom Exceptions | Try, Catch, Finally | Throwing exceptions

Module 5 - Operator Overloading Gui Application Development : Windows forms and Controls | Creating Menus | Toolbars, Image List | Tree view, List view

Module 6 - File Handling : System .IO namespace | File stream | Stream Reader & writer | Fileinfo | Directory info

Module 7 - Multi Threading : Threading | Thread synchronization | Thread life cycle


Web Programming Inroduction | HTML and JavaScript Inroduction | Introduction to ASP | ASP.NET Introduction & Sample Programs | Validation Controls | Applying Themes and Styles to Controls | ASP.NET Architecture | Page Navigation Options | Creating a Layout Using Master Pages | User Control | ASP.NET State Management | Databound Controls | Creating Virtual Directory & Web Application | Understanding Web.Config | Web Caching | Authentication & Authorization | Globalization and Localization


ASP.NET MVC Intro | Advantages MVC | MVC Controller | MVC Action | MVC Action Selector | MVC Action Filter | MVC Model | MVC Model Binding | MVC View | MVC Validation | MVC Authentication | MVC Routing | MVC Project

Fees Structurethere are two type of fees for above mentioned training program, you can choose any one of the following fees structure as per your need-

  • Only Certification Program –
    1. Certificate will be provided by LAQSHYA after clearing Lab Exam

  • Certification cum Internship Experience Program –
    1. Certificate will be provided by LAQSHYA after clearing Lab Exam
    2. 6 Months Internship Experience Letter provided by Associated Company
    3. Placement Assistance Provided



**Important Note :-


  • Friends Group Discount of Rs.1000 per student applicable for 3 or more admissions at a time in the same batch.
  • For Installment payments, Post Dated Cheques are compulsory for Installment payments at the time of admission.
  • OWN LAPTOP DISCOUNT. Bring Your Own Laptop for Training & get Rs.2000/- Discount.